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Welcome in my site !

I am Philippe POTEL-BELNER, an independant historian, archaeologist and philologist.

Studying the ancient texts, I have found out several facts that should make us reconsider our vision of History.

My researchs are very connected with philology. So, I entitled them LANGUE-and-HISTORY.


Langue et Histoire, Volume 1: La religion gauloise et l' Atlantide

My first book is a based on a new translation of the Timaios and the Kritias of PLATON.  Because of it, I managed some explanations of the gaulish religion.

It is not yet translated into english.


Langue et Histoire, Volume 2:  Les énigmes d' Homère

The Iliados and the Odysseia  are a myth in which the ancient Greeks related the first History of Humanity.


langue et histoire, volume 3: Expressions gauloises


langue et Histoire, volume 4: la Première Histoire de l' Humanité


langue et Histoire, volume 5: dictionnaire des mots de la langue gauloise (1ère partie)


langue et Histoire, volume 6: toponymie gauloise

Etymology and meaning of many place names in France and in the world.


langue et Histoire, volume 7: l' Apollon gaulois

Analysis of the meaning of this deity. Analysis of his epithets and his representations, based upon ancient texts, epigraphy, iconography and archeology.


langue et Histoire, volume 8: correspondances entre les noms de personne gaulois et les noms de famille actuels de France et d' ailleurs

History is immobile: the names in Antiquity were the same than at present. Moreover, they are the same all over the world.

We have to decode  them, to decode their pronunciation, their spelling.